London Pass

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Free entry to over 80 top London attractions and tours including Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the London Bridge Experience, Hampton Court Palace and many more. Passes come with a 180 page complimentary guidebook in multiple languages with details of the attractions, directions and maps. As an added benefit, you have priority admission (FastTrack) at many busy attractions.

If you are staying in the Windsor area for a day or two, the shorter term pass is ideal as it includes Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, and discounts on the French Brothers Boat Trips.

If you are staying in the Windsor area for a longer duration, why not use Windsor as a base to travel into London, and use the pass to make massive savings? Windsor has two train lines into central London, and a bus route, so you can be in London within the hour.

Windsor is a short distance from London Heathrow Airport, with multiple bus routes, train connections or a short taxi journey. Collecting your London Pass from Windsor is easier than making your way into central London.


Our two day passes are currently out of stock.