Windsor Duck Tours

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Explore Windsor by Road & River All In One Tour. Please book in advance to secure your place. If the tour is fully booked on the day you will be unable to take a tour. 


Please Read The Following Info Before Selecting A Tour Date and Time  

Pickup Point: Opposite The Front of Windsor Theatre Royal, Thames St, SL4 1PS. 

Private Hire: Please Contact the Duck directly Here

To view the pricing please choose a date on the calendar and select a time. If a date is unavailable it is sold out or we are not running.

The 10:00 | 11:00 | 14:40 | 17:10 tours are the 'SWAN - RIVER SPLASH TOURS', which head straight down to the river, travelling further on the water and also include an extended river commentary. 

The 12:10 | 13:20 | 15:50 tours are the 'MALLARD - ROAD, RIVER SPLASH TOUR' which circle the castle and the crown estate. It is time split approximately 50/50 water and road. 

 10:00 | 11:00 | 12:10 |  13:20  | 14:40 | 15:50 | 17:10  

 Swan | Swan | Mallard | Mallard | Swan | Mallard | Swan 

Note: Both tour types are the same price, same length (approx. 50/60mins) and both begin on road and include 'splashdown' into the Thames.