Royal Windsor Tours - Military History Walk

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If you are a visitor to Windsor and want to learn more about it's history you can now take 'The Military History Walk', which brings to life the notoriety of some of the Royals and the Military in Windsor. You have the unique opportunity to be accompanied and led, by an Ex Royal Guard, one that has served as a soldier in Windsor Castle, St James Palace, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

The Military History Walk is a one to one and a half hours walk that is full of renown and notorious history. Discover more about the lives of Windsor's Victoria Cross recipients, The Armies of Windsor, Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army, King Edward III and the Black Prince, the Saxon Royal Palace, Bad King John, and of course - The Royal Guard. Find out why Windsor is so important to Monarchs over the years. Gain insight into the life of a Royal Guard.