Dr Choc - Valentines Workshop

Dr Choc Valentines Workshop

Don't just buy chocolates for your valentine's this year, make them together in our workshop!

You learn a lot of chocolatier skills like marbling, tempering, shelling etc. You get to explore each other's tastes and have your product ready to eat within a few minutes after you've made it.

You will be welcomed by our team at Drchocs with a taster of some chocolates at the reception.

We’ll briefly demonstrate the chocolate tempering machines and how chocolate is melted at 50 C and quickly cooled down to 30 C in the machines.

To start with, you'll be shown the technique of bonbon making. You'll first create the shell of the bonbon. While this is setting, you’ll move on to painting some heart-shaped moulds with edible colourful cacao butter. Once those have set, you will pour organic liquid chocolate from our tempering machines into moulds and decorate them with over 25 different toppings, essential oils and spices.

You will then move on to a lesson on manually tempering chocolate and making a heart-shaped bark, which you will again top up with decorations. You will then pipe your bonbons with caramel and finish off with another layer of chocolate of your choice.

Finally, you will break the bark into smaller chocolate pieces which you can enjoy with a Prosecco, hot drink or special hot chocolate with Gin.

Tickets will come off sale the day before the workshop. If you are interested on the day please call 01753 865222.

£99.95 for two.