Kenneth Branagh Award For New Drama Writing 2019

3 - 5 October 2019


I am delighted to sponsor this writing award and to be a small part of the Windsor Fringe initiative that supports new writers. Without a good play or script, the best actors and directors in the world cannot hope to produce good work and I welcome the encouragement that this award offers to writers, both local and international. Kenneth Branagh


The Three Finalists - From 266 Scripts From 23 Countries

Thurs 3 Oct. 8pm
Fri 4 Oct. 8pm
Sat 5 Oct. 7.30pm


 Play An Absence Of

Written by Suzanne Jeans
directed by Anthony Shrubshall



This is a semi-autobiographical play that explores the complex relationship between mothers and daughters within the context of living with Alzheimer's Disease. It looks at the challenges faced, the relentlessness & unpredictability of the illness but also the bizarre and comic moments that are an inevitable part of the process.


 Play The Ice Queen

Written by Pete Barrett
directed by Paula Chitty



When Glacia, a flinty career woman with no time for husbands, relations or friends, finds herself unexpectedly looking after her niece and nephew, Charly and Kay, she expects them to minimise disruption & conform to her tight schedule. To his surprise, Kay finds Glacia an unexpected ally and is reluctant to go home.


 Play One, Two, Tree