Kenneth Branagh Award For New Drama Writing 2018


I am delighted to sponsor this writing award and to be a small part of the Windsor Fringe initiative that supports new writers. Without a good play or script, the best actors and directors in the world cannot hope to produce good work and I welcome the encouragement that this award offers to writers, both local and international. Kenneth Branagh


The Three Finalists - From 301 Scripts From 24 Countries

Thurs 4 Oct. 8pm
Fri 5 Oct. 8pm
Sat 6 Oct. 7.30pm


 Play Waiting For Hamlet

Written by David Visick
directed by Paula Chitty



Lost in the wilderness with only an old fool for company, an exiled king plots to regain his kingdom. There’s only one problem - he’s dead.



 Play Cut and Paste

Written by Jeff Nolan
directed by David Anderson



The Prime Minister is facing a personal crisis - the UN is investigating him for war crimes; the cabinet is threatening to overthrow him; an affair with the French Ambassador’s wife is about to be exposed and he has a stubborn piece of lettuce stuck between his teeth. His chief PA has a plan, but will the PM stay ‘on script’ and tell the people what they want to hear or will his true feelings get in the way


 Play The Claykickers’ Chorus
Written by Kevin McMahon
directed by Amanda Noar

In 1916, a team of sewer engineers from Salford found themselves tunnelling under the Somme valley. Fast and quiet, their skills were suited to a savage form of warfare, where any slight sound could bring obliteration, and encounters with German miners would mean fights to the death. This verse drama tells their story, through the eyes of a close-knit team of three “Claykickers”.


Judge for yourselves
All Three Plays will be performed nightly and after the Saturday performances, the winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.