Windsor Festival

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The 50th Anniversary of Windsor Festival offers an opportunity to celebrate what we have now and to reflect on our history.

In 1969 Robin Woods, Dean of Windsor and Chairman of Windsor Festival wrote this Foreword which rings true today, as it inspired then.

"It is said that Windsor Castle was at one time the scene of an annual joust – occasions in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries when the King, his knights, courtiers and counsellors entertained one another with competitions, feasting and music. Today we are not short of opportunities of sport and good living, but there is room for more artistry whether music, drama, or their appreciation.

Those who live within the setting of the Castle, St George’s Chapel, or Eton College, are aware of being privileged people, and are therefore the more willing and eager to share these places and their historic associations with a wide circle of friends and visitors. We are particularly grateful to The Queen for allowing musical performance to be held in the State Apartments and so setting an example in sharing our historic situation. We all would wish to follow Her Majesty’s lead in this respect and welcome people to Windsor this September, from far and near, from the neighbourhood, and from the Commonwealth. We hope that many will enjoy the Festival.

There remains a mood of venture in this Festival. My colleagues in management and the Advisory Council have tried to see these days as bringing new depth of music and culture to our Castle and Town. Risks have been taken with confidence. It is now open to the wider community of all to turn our venture into the success that will warrant its continuation into the future."

The Festival continues to exist through the support and engagement of our audience and supporters, and I hope that you will find particular enjoyment in this celebratory year. - Martin Denny, Festival Director

For full details and to buy tickets, please visit the Windsor Festival's events page

The Windsor Festival 2019 will run from Sunday 15th September - Sunday 29th September.