The Anastasia File

Anastasia Image

July 1918. Tsar Nicholas II and his young family are brutally executed by the Bolsheviks in Ekaterinburg. Two years later in Berlin, a young woman is pulled from a canal following a failed suicide attempt and brought to a mental hospital.  As doctors and the police puzzle over her identity, she slowly begins to reveal details about her past that lead those who attend her to believe that she may, in fact, be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the heir to the Romanov fortune.

Over the following years, she begins to tell the extraordinary account of her feigned death and escape from her family’s assassins. Her story receives public attention and soon the world is gripped by the appearance of the mysterious Mrs Manahan and her fantastical claims. But is everything she claims real? Or do her delusions run so deep that even she cannot tell the difference between what is fact and what is fiction?

Royce Ryton’s intriguing and emotional drama is inspired by the extraordinary true story of Anne Manahan, whose thirty-year battle for recognition as the last surviving Romanov was one of the most popular historical mysteries of the twentieth century. Memory, fact and fiction intertwine in this thrilling and moving play produced by Theatre Royal Windsor that will keep you guessing until the curtain falls.

"Dramatic, poignant, beautifully plotted."

"First rate. . . . Pulls at your mind afterwards like a puzzling dream."
Sunday Times