The Hot Club Time Machine

7:00 pm Saturday, 2 October 2021

Come and enter the time machine.

We will be performing a live set of classics throughout all the important genres of club music, accompanied by synthesizers, samplers, drums and a varied array of musical instruments.

We will be journeying through all the different styles…including House, Electro, Northern Soul, Breakbeats, Dub etc... 

We'll be stopping at various stations along the way…hopefully joining the dots from the past…through to the modern day.  

This is no ordinary DJ set, this will be a Live Performance/DJ crossover hybrid.

Featuring live….

The Hot Club 

(Chad Jackson and Matt Gunn) 

Live extended Auditorium set


Girls Record Lounge

Richie Roome

Amuse Bouche

Love Kisses and Cake