Windsor Duck Tours


Due to the hot weather we are booking up very quickly! Please book in advance to secure your place on the tour.


Please Read The Following Info Before Selecting A Tour Date and Time  

Pickup Point: Opposite The Front of Windsor Theatre Royal, Thames St, SL4 1PS. 

Private Hire: Please Contact the Duck directly Here

To view the pricing please choose a date on the calendar and select a time. If a date is unavailable it is sold out or we are not running.

The 10:00 | 11:00 | 14:40 | 17:10 tours are the 'SWAN - RIVER SPLASH TOURS', which head straight down to the river, travelling further on the water and also include an extended river commentary. 

The 12:10 | 13:20 | 15:50 tours are the 'MALLARD - ROAD, RIVER SPLASH TOUR' which circle the castle and the crown estate. It is time split approximately 50/50 water and road. 

 10:00 | 11:00 | 12:10 |  13:20  | 14:40 | 15:50 | 17:10  

 Swan | Swan | Mallard | Mallard | Swan | Mallard | Swan 

Note: Both tour types are the same price, same length (approx. 50/60mins) and both begin on road and include 'splashdown' into the Thames.