Windsor Castle Admission

3 September 2022
Windsor Castle RCT Image


To book tickets for guests who have booked a Windsor Castle packages, not for individual sale at reception. Provisional closures listed below.

Book the required number of adult and child tickets
Print off your voucher
All vouchers must be signed by a member of staff
Each voucher will have a unique reference number and this number will be used to invoice you. It will be prudent to assign this number to the individual guest
Inform guests that they should present the voucher at the admission centre at Windsor Castle
Please note this voucher does not include any specialist tours – such as Conquer the Tower or the Great Kitchens or anything that attracts an additional charge
All terms and conditions previously agreed apply

These vouchers cannot be converted into a Royal Collection 1 Year Pass


Please complete one order at a time. If you have two orders for two tickets each, and process them at the same time you will receive a single confirmation for four tickets.


Partners must book their guests into time slots in advance of their visit. In order to track numbers in advance, tickets will come off sale at least 24 hours before the date of visit.


**Changes for 2022**

Introduction of peak and off peak pricing. Saturdays are now peak.
Introduction of a new Young Person rate for 18-24 year olds, Child price type now applies to 5-17 year olds inclusive, Under 5s remain free and un-ticketed.