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Royal Windsor Tours has a unique position in being able to offer both daily individual ticket walks and group booking tours.

Tour Organisers:
If you organise tours like a tour operator or a group organiser you can now book your tour with us. We are happy to host and welcome you to one of our walks.

!) The Military History Walk

2) A Walk In Eton

3) Victoria 200

Tours are conducted in the English language alone, unless you are looking for interpretation which can be supplied. That gives options to many of the visitors that come from Europe. But this needs to be booked ahead of time and requested as a Interpreted Service.

Visiting as a group:
If you are visiting Windsor as a group and want your own group tour please contact us and book a time and date. As the summer months approach us we all have more time to enjoy the sun and our summer, so it is an ideal time. In Windsor there is plenty to do from visiting the Castle, boat trips and plenty of places to shop and eat out. Windsor has more than average amount of coffee shops. Windsor is one of the most friendliest towns in England and the atmosphere is incredible.

Bus Companies:
Bus and coach companies why not create a new tour to Windsor and include us in your journey. Why not extend your visit to Windsor? Please contact us.

Interpreted Language Service:
For organisers who require a special group tour with a interpreted service contact us so we can arrange this in the language of your choice. We will need to organise with you – when you are coming to Windsor, the time of the walk,  the cost for the walk and cost for interpretation.


Please outline the time and date, group size, language, etc.

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