Windsor Guildhall: An Open Air Talk

Corn Exchange Image

Do you know who designed the Windsor Guildhall? Have you ever wondered why the Crooked House next door is leaning? Join our outside talk to learn more about the history of Windsor Guildhall and some of the hidden histories about the surrounding buildings. Talks are £5 per head and last between 30  - 45 minutes. Talks are available both morning or afternoon on selected dates and bookings must be made in advance here.

Highlights of the outside talk

  • Windsor Guildhall as a seat of power
  • Windsor and its Royal connections
  • Myths and mysteries of Guildhall Island
  • Windsor’s famous residents and visitors

Meeting point

We will meet you by the distance dial at the centre of the Corn Market at Windsor Guildhall (SL4 1LR) five minutes before the advertised start time of the talk. The talk will finish in the same location. This is an outside talk and requires minimal walking. See below for accessibility details.

Windsor’s Guard Change takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Guard change sees soldiers move from Victoria Barracks to Windsor Castle and then back again. Please take this into consideration when planning your journey into Windsor. More information about the Guard change is available here Changing the Guard - Visit Windsor

Further information below.