The Railway Children

19:30 - 21:30 15 October 2023
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“They were not railway children to begin with.”

In this new adaptation of The Railway Children by Paul Burton, the cast will perform E. Nesbit’s much-loved children’s book at The Old Court in Windsor as a radio play.

The story concerns a family, including the children Roberta (nicknamed Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis, who move from London to the Three Chimneys, a house near a railway, in Yorkshire after the father, who works at the Foreign Office, is imprisoned after being falsely accused of spying.

Cast: Philip Bretherton (As Time Goes By), Moira Brooker (As Times Goes By), Brian Capron (Coronation Street), Ella Dale (War and Peace), Sabina Franklyn (Fawlty Towers), Jenny Funnell (As Time Goes By), Joshua Ginsberg (Astoria), Joanne Heywood (Grace and Favour), Phoebe Newlan (Witness for the Prosecution), Carol Royle (Life Without George), Hilary Tones (Wire in the Blood), David Warwick (Doctor Who), Nick Wilton (EastEnders).

Directed by Denise Silvey.

All performers will appear subject to availability.

In aid of Acting for Others

Supported by ticketysplit.co.uk