Harripaul - Who Do We Believe

8:00 pm Saturday, 16 July 2022
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Harripaul's debut 2021 album ‘Who do we believe’, showcases the band’s mix of soulful rock music that highlights Jean’s breath-taking voice and inspiring guitar playing. The band touches effortlessly on every influence, from Reggae to R&B to soulful rock. 

The band’s latest single ‘Living in this World’ was number 1 in Scotland and is a powerful song written by Jean, which he describes as “from the eyes of someone looking in, feeling helpless and questioning why there is devastation all around them.”

The album showcases the group on top of their game, with a renowned sense of confidence and maturity running throughout as the song addresses more worldly themes, skillfully backed by a full realised rock sound.

Playing smooth soulful/rock/reggae, the group’s songwriter Jean Harripaul. His words are full of love and heart, politically topical and beautifully sung by Jeans sinuous vocals. Great songs come with ‘Someone to lean on’, ‘Empty sky’, ‘Should I’ and ‘Living in this world’, although the former is more likely a romantic analogy, while the latter starts with the words, “When I look around the world today all I see is sadness and everything slipping away.”

Other songs are beautifully composed. ‘Don't let this love slip away’ and ‘Where is the love” speak of problems of the worlds and love, while offering rays of hope. ‘I am going somewhere but I don't know where’ cries for the homeless with the lyrics, '3 o'clock in the morning and I've got no place to go, I am here on my own, I can’t find a place of my own', while ‘One In A Million’ & ‘Lost in a moment’ offers personal encouragement, and the concluding's songs ‘Break it down’ and ‘Rain’ is heartachingly moving. The title track of the Album 'Who do we believe', is an instrumental with a touch of Spanish guitar moving into futuristic sound brought up to date.

Tickets: Cabaret Seating